The agency wants to achieve great success

If PPC specialists can consistently increase your client base by 10% per month without increasing your ad spend, I see no reason why they shouldn’t make more money since you earn more from their efforts too. If you account for revenue generated as a result of last click PPC, conversions are an additional bonus for you. You are not responsible for lost agency costs if the agency fails to generate results. Disadvantages of the success fee model: If you only pay your agency for the number of leads it generates, they can use some strategies to fill your funnel to the brim. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the leads they send you will be quality or qualified leads at all.

He can prioritize the wrong metrics

Completely limiting image and reach campaigns in favor of only those with high ROAS. If you pay an agency based on the leads generated, they may avoid campaigns with higher quality but fewer leads. as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that a large and quick commission from success is better than a small commission that takes longer to get, and Zambia Email List this does not always go hand in hand with logistics and production capabilities. Fixed campaign service subscription or hourly model This payment method is simple and predictable, but requires a full understanding of the various nuances of creating and managing a Google Ads/Social Ads campaign.

Setting up and managing PPC campaigns takes time

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The hourly model can be useful especially if you only need short-term projects or consulting and auditing an advertising account. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages here. So, depending on the complexity of your Bab Directory setup, this option may not be the most optimal for you – and it’s worth considering other online advertising billing models. Advantages of the subscription model: This is the simplest of the settlement models – we pay a fixed monthly amount. It can be perfect for corporate services. You get a certain number of hours per month to use and bill. It’s easy to track and budget, especially when planning more timely projects.

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