The assortment must be perfectly presented

These elements will allow you to quickly and effectively find the right product, and the customer experience on the website will be positive, which may result in a transaction. 3.4. Poorly structured descriptions on the page The descriptions on the website should be up-to-date. Content about products that are no longer on the website has a very negative impact on its credibility and effectively discourages users. : descriptions should be clear and extensive, enriched with a large number of photos that allow you to see the product from all sides. Remember to describe the characteristics of the products and their applications.

Incomplete description and poor quality

In no transaction or increased frequency of returns due to non-compliance with the description. Product reviews or user reviews are a beneficial addition. One of the most important factors determining online purchase is access to Guatemala Email List the most complete information about the product, and information from several sources positively affects the user’s belief in the high quality of the purchased goods. Product descriptions are important not only from the perspective of users, but also from the Google search engine. Extensive and unique content helps to achieve high positions in the search engine.

Content copied from the manufacturer’s

Email List

Website makes the website unremarkable and loses in the search results among many similar websites: 3.5. Complicated ordering process The fact that the customer went to the basket with the intention of buying a product does not mean that he will actually complete the transaction. Too long or non-intuitive ordering process can effectively discourage Bab Directory users and translate into an increased rate of abandoned carts. The whole process should be uncomplicated and take no more than three steps. Users expect to be asked for only the necessary information. It is also worth introducing the option of finalizing transactions without registration: Source: magmac.

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