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Our long-term, strategic goal is a strong, over 25-person middle-level staff consisting of Team Leaders, Head of and Area Directors. In the future, we intend to invest even more in the implementation of these plans. The third possibility is horizontal development – i.e. transfer between departments . At Promo Traffic, such migrations are often initiated by the employees themselves. It happens that an employee wants to develop new competences or in a given department he feels that he is “hitting the ceiling” and wants to look for something else. Sometimes it is the supervisors who notice that the employee has skills that may allow him to develop in another department – and then a change is proposed.

Where he started his career as a junior

Decided to transfer to the PPC team – where in less than two years he reached the position of Team – Leader. You will soon be able to learn more about the individual promotion paths of our employees from the Promo Heroes project. A clear path, tailored to your competences and expectations We want every employee starting their career at Azerbaijan Email List Promo Traffic to see a clear path of development ahead of them – both short and long-term . After the trial period, the employee, his supervisor and the HR person discuss competences, expectations and opportunities together. By joining us, you know what development opportunities you have.

You find out what role your supervisor sees

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You in (often after consulting other team members) – but you also have an impact on your career path. Your opinion counts: we want you to indicate what you feel best in and in which direction you would like to go. You also learn what needs to happen for you to advance in your career. Regular evaluation Every quarter, we organize periodic talks Bab Directory during which we discuss the achievement of goals and the effectiveness of the employee, but also discuss further development. Evaluation is not only a chance to give feedback to the employee from the supervisor’s perspective. But also an opportunity for the employee to indicate what he or she feels strongest in. How he sees his future career at Promo Traffic and indicate potential fears and blocking factors.

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