Hybrid work The 2020 pandemic has changed

During such meetings, we set goals and look for ways to support the specialist in achieving them. What else can we offer you? Training package We want you not to feel thrown into the deep end when you start working on projects. The first days of work at Promo Traffic are usually devoted to getting acquainted with the materials from our proprietary trainings – both in terms of tools and internal procedures. Do you feel that your ability to use Google Analytics is a bit rusty? Or maybe, although you can use most of the tools that we wrote about in the job advertisement, you have never dealt with any of them? Don’t worry – you will get time and opportunities to improve your competences in this area. All trainings were conducted by our specialists. Employee benefits Of course, we offer standard benefits – such as a mulits port card, medical care (basic or extended package in Luxmed), free coffee and tea in the office. From time to time, we also try to organize various forms of integration. In addition, we prepare additional bonuses for our employees for recommending an employee.

The occasion of important events

A wedding or the birth of a child). We also try to organize events during which we can get to know each other better – such as Promo Traffic birthdays and other integration events. A comfortable office We are very proud of our new office! In 2020, we Austria Email List enlarged and arranged them to maximize the comfort of employees. Large rooms, ergonomic office workstations, rooms for comfortable meetings, a spacious and well-equipped kitchen (including two coffee machines and a water filtering machine), relaxation corners, and even a game room – all this with the aim of the time spent in the office was the most pleasant for the crew.

A lot – also in the habits and expectations of employees

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Remote work has become commonplace, and many professionals prefer it over working from the office. In order to meet the needs of employees and preserve the benefits of remote work on the one hand, and to reduce the resulting risks on the other, we decided to focus on a hybrid operating model. What does it mean? You will work from the office part Bab Directory of the week, but there are also days when you can work remotely.  Access to the best tools. We will not dwell on the equipment on which you will work – the fact that we provide employees. With laptops and business iPhones goes without saying.

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