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The e-commerce sector. We feel the strongest in this industry and, above all, we are looking for new projects in it. Most of our business partners are large or medium-sized companies with ambitions for further development – we rarely implement small, one-off campaigns. However, it is crucial for us to look for projects where there is real potential for development – i.e. on GrowWithUs. Before we sign a contract with a client, we try to assess whether our new partner will actually develop with our help – and whether we will be able to achieve the business goals of both parties under the assumed conditions (e.g. budget). It is also important to us whether the client is looking for a partner or just a subcontractor, and what certain issues will look like on his side (e.g. in the case of acceptance of our actions.

In the course of project evaluation

We take into account the client’s goals expectations, technology, competences, plans, and the level of partnership with the agency. In short: at Promo Traffic, we try to implement, above all, long-term, development projects for clients who see us Bahamas Email List as a partner for their development. What does this mean for you if you are our employee? The projects you work on are not accidental. You won’t have to perform miracles to keep them profitable by tearing your hair out over a budget every month. On the other hand, however, you are working on projects that are not selected purely in financial terms. What counts for us is the long-term potential for development and the chance to expand cooperation in the future, offering new, interesting solutions.

Since we rarely accept so-called one-shot

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When you enter projects you potentially know that you will be implementing it for a longer period of time – which affects how we design and conduct activities. It is worth emphasizing, however, that although this approach has its advantages, the clients we choose are usually very ambitious, and thus have high requirements. It is also worth Bab Directory adding, What needs to happen for you to join the Promo Traffic crew? We are constantly developing, so we are almost always looking for new specialists. Specific offers can be found in the career tab , where you will also learn more about the requirements for a given position and what you can expect from us.

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