The biggest highlight of Finnish Independence

Therefore, Thailand’s National Day is also set on December 5, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday, which is also Thailand’s Father’s Day. Whenever this day comes, the streets and alleys of Bangkok are hung with portraits of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. At the same time, Thai soldiers wearing uniforms will also participate in the military parade on the Bronze Horse Square in Bangkok. Marketing suggestion: In Thailand, Father’s Day is a very grand festival. It is recommended that cross-border sellers make a marketing plan in advance and set a promotion time; they can choose clothing, national flags, royal family flags, gifts, etc. on the products. 03 December 6th, Finland’s Independence Day Popular categories.

Flags torches candles special foods etc

On December 6th, 1917, Finland declared independence and became a sovereign state. On Independence Day, not only schools will organize torch parades, but different cities will also hold national Independence Day military parades. In addition, there are also traditional activities such as the flag-raising ceremony on the Observatory Russia Mobile Number List Hill, the Independence Day celebration ceremony, and wax lighting. On the one hand, it celebrates Finland’s Independence Day, and on the other hand, it also commemorates the heroes who died for the country in the war. Marketing suggestion: In recent years, due to reasons such as government leadership and the threat of war.

Independence Day celebrations have become grand

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Choose festival-related items and food, such as national flags, candles, torches, and blue and white bread. 04 December 12th Shopping Festival hot-selling categories: clothing, electronic products, home furnishing, Christmas peripherals, etc.  According Bab Directory to the latest TikTok double eleven battle report data. The GMV of this event increased by 137%, and the order. Volume increased by 141%, which injected a boost to many businesses. Due to the close distance between the Double Twelve Shopping Festival and Christmas. Overseas companies can also increase the promotion of. Christmas products during the Double Twelve promotion period.

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