The process itself is faster than traffic analysis

According to estimates, in 2021 as much as 20% of online sales will be cross-border 1 . Notably, the data shows that cross-border sales will increase from €137 billion in 2018 to €137 billion in 2020 and then to €245 billion in 2022 2 . Many factors contribute to this trend, including: limitations of the local market and expansion of competition. abroad, you also have to take into account certain obstacles, such as bureaucracy or problems with financing. However, regardless of the potential obstacles, internationalization is currently a strong online sales trend that cannot be underestimated. We discussed the internationalization itself in the context of travel, highlighting such stages as: planning, building, scaling.

Actions supported by appropriate tools

In order for the activities carried out on the network to make sense, it is necessary to implement analytical tools that will allow us to learn about our potential customers and their needs, as well as the movements of competitors. At the Philippines Email List meeting, we talked about the functions of such tools as: Google Analytics, Keyword Planner or Similar Web. Our CEO, Robert Stolarczyk, also presented the Market Finder tool, from which you can find out, among others, which markets have the greatest potential for specific products and what forms of payment and delivery are the most popular in a given country.

The end of the meeting Performance

Email List

Director, Krystian Kucharski, presented the case of our client where we managed to scale the business to 20 foreign markets with over 500% increase in revenue. We are glad that the event was attended by over a dozen of our friends from the eCommerce industry. For those who, for various reasons, could not participate in it, we reassure. The next meeting Bab Directory will take place in September in Krakow. We want to support the. Polish eCommerce industry in entering foreign markets. Which is why we are happy to participate in such initiatives. Are you thinking about introducing your brand to foreign markets? Read the article on the potential costs associated with this: How to choose an overseas expansion.

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