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Internet advertising is also moving strongly towards video advertising, which I have always been against, because its conversion is difficult to measure and it is difficult for me to assess when this campaign is actually good for us. What was the biggest novelty for you in 2017 and why? The biggest news for me is that people have just discovered “cold mailing” and in the hands of a lousy marketer it is a terrible tool. What will be the leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? In these types of statements, people often write that AI and various such technologies, but the industry in general does not use such advanced systems. Just use the Ghostery application and see what scripts the competition uses … Usually it’s not a very extensive list.

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In GDPR regulations will have on marketers, mainly because the responsibility for enforcing the regulations will be transferred to the countries where the given entrepreneur operates. which flow into the state budget, and in our country, additional funds are always needed to patch the budget hole. Here I suspect that in practice there may be big changes, but I am not sure if this year. Maciej Zagórowski, CEO of FEB – e-business factory Which New Zealand Phone Numbers List training or conference in 2017 was the best for you and why? We strongly focus on internal development, which is why I believe that in terms of knowledge transferred, internal trainings organized by FEB specialists who care about team development are unrivaled, although it is probably my company patriotism that speaks to me.

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Juxtaposing your own ideas and experiences with the thoughts of others, and besides, networking remains the greatest strength of large industry conferences. In my opinion, it is worth distinguishing two conferences that stand out above the average: 1) In terms of know-how and a specific dose of knowledge, I <3 marketing is definitely in the lead. A big advantage is also the availability of speeches in the form of video. 2) In terms of networking Bab Directory and establishing close relationships, InternetBeta from Rzeszów remains unrivaled. At the “end of the world”, where iPhones lose their range, and the atmosphere is unmistakable. Sometimes I have the impression that the whole thing is more like a colony than an industry meeting. But it is here that the most valuable contacts and ideas are born.

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