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It is a constantly developed, free tool used to organize and simplify the reporting of marketing activities (and not only). Google has noticed a great need to create a single place where you can collect data and easily generate reports based on it. Currently, there are many channels of reaching and marketing opportunities. Virtually every advertising tool has its own built-in analytics. There is more and more data on the activities carried out, which is why there is often a problem with good reporting and drawing conclusions. Of course, Google Data Studio does not solve all problems, but it can be a great help in everyday analysis.

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The leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? The trend in 2018 will be the automation of marketing activities – this can be seen, for example, in Google’s approach when it comes to running AdWords campaigns or conversion attribution. Over time, Google will want to replace specialists with manual optimization of campaigns. and Japan Phone Number List automate work. An example can also be bots, especially those on Facebook within Messenger. In general, the development of messengers and the advertising opportunities within them is a trend worth attention for the next year. It is also worth following trends related to the use of machine learning for marketing activities – more and more solutions of this type are being developed, which will be available not only to large companies.

Conrad Zach  CEO of think HUB

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Which training or conference in 2017 was the best for you and why? The best event for me was Masters and Robots by Singularity University – the first conference in Poland that gathered experts in new technologies from around the world in one place.  The world’s largest companies, funds and universities. Which advertising campaign Bab Directory impressed you the most and why? I paid the most attention to the Tiger and Maspex campaigns. showed how large. Dispersed and thus perfectly organized corporations are often inert. Completely chaotic in the field of e-marketing, eCommerce or new tech activities.

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