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What’s next? What remains is to implement the acquired theoretical knowledge about website optimization in practice. And (hopefully) watching the growing position of your website in search results and the growing number of customers. Confucius used to say, “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.” advisors or business coaches, also have their other side, which is not mentioned as often. What a pity! After all, in addition to job satisfaction, our own skills and competences are equally important at work, thanks to which we will be able to meet the challenges set before us, as well as achieve the set goals.

This applies to every profession without exception

In the e-commerce industry, companies are constantly looking for people who will take care of brand communication in social media. Social media specialist, Social Media Ninja or Social Media Manager are just some of the job descriptions that can be found in job advertisements. Despite the differences in names, and sometimes the list of duties, all Austria Business Email List these jobs have one thing in common – fluent knowledge of social media. At this point, you should ask yourself the question – what knowledge and competences should a person who wants to professionally deal with running profiles in social media have? The following list of 11 questions that every social media professional should know the answer to can help with this.

In this article you will learn

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What competences should a good Social Media specialist have? How to run social media for e-commerce. How to create interesting and engaging content that sells. Why is it worth using social media in e-commerce? First, the image . Social media has a significant impact on brand recognition and image building. Very often it is thanks to the Bab Directory company’s presence in social media that it gains a group of active recipients, who then become loyal customers. Secondly, currently potential customers even expect brands to be present in social media . Recipients want to interact with brands and learn about news through social media.

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