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Properly planning activities in social media gives you the opportunity to conduct a dialogue with clients, and not, as in the case of traditional media, a monologue. Thirdly – precise targeting of marketing messages , as well as a lot of possibilities and formats with which we will present our offer. How to publish content on social media for e-commerce? The selection of appropriate content that we will publish on the channels we run, as well as the creation of attractive content, is a guarantee of delivering satisfactory results. Increasing the number of recipients, better reaching the target group, and finally increasing sales in the online store are goals that can be achieved if we remember the right selection of materials and the form of their presentation.

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The most popular link posts and photo posts, gives us many opportunities to present our services or products. : Format Canvas Canvas is a format that converts a standard post displayed on mobile devices into a full-screen, interactive infographic when clicked. You can embed the entire carousel of photos, video materials, as well as other elements Italy Business Email List such as text, logo or CTA buttons. Carousel fast In other words, the popular “carousel”. It will be great for presenting several products or services in different shots at the same time. It is also a very interesting solution when we want our post to tell a story.

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Thanks to video, you will show the value of your product or service in an accessible and interesting way. Which channels should you bet on to sell on social media? It’s hard to find a person working as a social media marketing specialist who has never heard that “Facebook doesn’t sell.” And this is nothing more wrong! Virtually any of the available social Bab Directory media can help us increase sales in our online store and effectively fulfill the assigned tasks. The key to choosing the right platform is to set clear business goals, as well as getting to know your target audience . For example, in the case of the broadly understood beauty industry, gastronomy or clothing brands, Instagram and Pinterest will be a great choice.

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