True Meaning of Minimum Viable Product Doing Less Leads

I want to save you from years of frustration, months of waffling, and full days of stumbling around in a fog. If only I had this information when I started! But it brings me some consolation to know that you’ll have it. That you won’t need to experience the painful process of birthing. Your online business ideas quite the same way I did. Let’s start with what not to do. Back in late 2009, I signed up for Copy blogger’s Teaching Sells course. I had been running my design and marketing firm for almost 20 years. I was longing for a change of pace and a new challenge. And creating an online business based on the expertise I’d built up for decades seemed like a great idea.

Technology Was Not My Friend

So I dug into the full Teaching Sells course with the hunger of someone who needed to know everything. And it delivered everything I needed, and more. I took many pages of notes, bounced ideas off of other students in the forum. And tuned in to the Q&A sessions. I was Email List inspired. And I decided, in all my overachieving glory. That I needed to build something similar to what I was experiencing in Teaching Sells. I wanted to create an Interactive Learning Environment to teach my area of expertise: building a brand with the combination of good design and strategic marketing decisions. And that was my first mistake. I bit off way more than I could (or should) chew. You see, it turns out that it’s not a good idea to build an elaborate. Complex, extremely thorough membership site around a topic you haven’t actually tested.

Overachieving Tendencies Took

Stop laughing. I know this is obvious! At least, now I do. But at the time, my overachieving tendencies took over.I found myself pouring my years of experience into 20 lessons, complete with text, audio, video, printable PDFs, and a forum. All without knowing for sure that people would be interested. It turns out that BAB Directory the worst part of the process was getting the damn thing to work. The membership software available at the time was … um … clunky. I’m being diplomatic here. It was terrible. Extremely difficult to figure out. Little-to-no online help. Time consuming to set up. And that was only part of the problem.

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