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If the information on the website is not understandable for a given target group or does not answer the key questions of users – they also leave it. that often when a user sees the first problems with a website, he or she loses patience and leaves. When to work on web usability? Web usability plays a big role at every stage of the design process. It should be remembered that if we want the changes to be effective, a lot of research is needed. Here are the main steps: Before starting a new project, you should test the old project – this includes e .g . listing the elements of the interface that should be kept and identifying those for improvement that reduce the level of user satisfaction.

Check the usability of competitor websites

On multiple interfaces that have similar features to yours. Conduct a field study to see how users behave in their natural environment. For more information, see the article by Susan Farrell, researcher and UX strategist for chatbots and smart device systems :nngroup/articles/field-studies/ Check the design against established usability guidelines, whether from your own prior research or published research available on Google Search. Once you Dominica Business Email List decide on the final design and implement it, test it again . During the implementation, there are always minor problems with the usability of the websiteDesigning websites and web usability Increasingly, companies are investing a significant amount of time and money to increase traffic to their websites.

Why? Ensuring that your site adheres

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The basic principles of usability is of paramount importance in achieving the best possible Internet marketing results and in removing errors that prevent potential customers from taking the desired actions. that will make your site easier for users to use. Introduce yourself! New users, after entering a new website, would first like to know if they have come to the right place Therefore, ask yourself the following questions: Is the user, after Bab Directory entering the website, immediately able to assess what the company offers? Is the site credible: has references, contact information, store location/company details? Is customer service contact information easily accessible from the home page? Intuitive navigation It is important that users can find. What they are looking for on our website in a short time.

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