Below are some easy-to-implement usability elements

Improve the usability of the website, check the following elements to facilitate the use of the website: Is the site layout consistent across the site?  Is the site free of distracting features, such as overly intrusive pop-ups? Easy-to-understand language for users It is important that the website contains a language adapted to our target group. Unfortunately, it happens that companies use difficult, internal company terminology on their websites. The consequence is a high bounce rate from users. Who feel that the site does not meet their expectations.

When designing web usability

Make sure that the expressions you use are understandable to users and consistent with common industry terminology. Error messages in forms One of the basic mistakes when creating websites, which reduces the level of user satisfaction, are Grenada Business Email List improperly prepared forms. For example, those that are too extensive and do not show an error message – which field should we correct. There are a few rules to follow when designing forms. Answer the questions. Are there only necessary questions in the form? Do the form fields show the data format.

The number of characters that

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Is there a clear distinction between ‘required’ and ‘recommended’ fields? Is the submission of the form confirmed by a message, e.g. “the form has been correctly completed/sent”? Page loading speed When using the site, when the website loading. Speed is too slow, most users simply leave the site. According to a study by J. Nielsen from 1993. there Bab Directory are three response time limits: 0.1 seconds. Which gives you a feeling of instant response – that is. The result appears to be caused by the user, not the computer. This means that the user is not distracted, but looks for the purpose for which he opened the website. 1 second ensures a smooth flow of thought.

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