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Let’s assume that you care not only about sending e-mails, but also about sending text messages and automating activities for customers who buy more than x and products from a given category only. However, such advanced scenarios are not possible in every system, so be sure to take this into account. Think about the goal you want to achievespecify KPIs and check whether reporting and dashboards allow you to monitor the most important parameters on an ongoing basis, thanks to which you will be able to draw conclusions faster and optimize activities. It is also a good practice to conduct a competition analysis and find out what solutions other companies in the industry have.

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The functionalities you will need. Is it possible to integrate with the system? Integration is a key topic you need to consider. advantage of the selected tool. Pay attention to whether the system can be integrated with other tools, platforms and Portugal Business Email List applications that you use on a daily basis in your company. Be sure to use the trial period to test the integration and the tool itself. Typical problems in integration – what we most often encounter when working with MA systems. When synchronizing the transmission of external events.

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The speed of sending information to the system about the occurrence of the event and to the webhook responsible for the given event. a) Delays in sending information to. The system may cause a problem with the operation of the automatione.g. Information about the purchase is sent to the. System after 3 hours, therefore faster communication. In Bab Directory the case of an abandoned cart will not be possible. b) If the webhook is set incorrectly. Eg adding a product to the cart is associated. With the phrase /cart in the URL, and the phrase /cart is specified in the settings. Then the system will not detect this event correctly.

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