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Affiliate marketing – how to start? The affiliate market in Poland is very advanced. Virtually every advertiser, i.e. an online store, has the option of starting an affiliate program that will meet its expectations and allow you to earn on affiliation. Establishing contact with an affiliate network is possible by filling out a form on the network’s website or after using the help of a marketing agency. At Promo Traffic, we perform the affiliate management function at an advanced level thanks to dedicated specialists. Affiliate marketing allows you to acquire quality traffic, generate additional income and achieve other company goals. Appropriate preparation and launch of partner programs allows you to eliminate potential risks related to the dynamics of program development, acquiring partners, settlements with publishers, etc.

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What affiliate marketing is and how to run affiliate marketing. However, now we will focus on describing the right way to run an affiliate program on the network. Affiliate programs are an ecosystem that consists of many elements. The advantages Chile Email List of affiliation include: access to various traffic channels, the possibility of promoting selected products and services, gathering all publishers in one place, possibility of quick completion of formalities, increasing the sales volume, impact on the brand image, attracting traffic to the advertiser’s website. Step 1 – Set your goals The adventure with affiliation should start with defining the goals: what are our needs. By what percentage do we need to increase sales, in what period, etc.

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In the CPS model, cost per sale), obtaining 100 leads per month (in the case when settlements take place in the CPL or cost per lead model), 1,000 installations of. The mobile application (if the settlements are made in. The CPI or cost per install model), increasing brand recognition. Increasing the number of new or returning users / customers. Acquiring 50,000 users per month (when settlements are made in the CPC or cost per click model. Distribution Bab Directory of discount codes in the amount of min. 100 pieces per month. In the e-commerce industry in Poland, affiliate networks generate on average about 10-15% of revenues. While with appropriate activities this volume may even approach.

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