This process can be accomplished in two ways

The affiliate industry is growing, publishers have the opportunity to earn steadily, so they are eager to connect to the network. Advertisers have the opportunity to create an affiliate program for themselves: set the goals and conditions of the affiliate program in such a way that they meet expectations. Affiliation also offers a choice. The online store can choose. The affiliate network that will be the most effective. Defining and transferring goals to partners translates. Into cooperation and the effectiveness of its implementation. The rule also applies to affiliate programs and affiliate network publishers.

The affiliate network sends a brief containing

A list of possible sources to be included, advertisers, i.e. online stores, immediately provide traffic channels in which they are interested. On the basis of the conducted briefing, a list of allowed channels is created, which is passed on to publishers who, for their part, are already active or may potentially be connected to the affiliate program. For each Colombia Email List channel. A dedicated affiliate link is used. Which allows you to reassign transactions to the appropriate partners. It is also worth indicating channels that cannot be connected under any circumstances. This will eliminate any misunderstandings that. May translate into publishers’ dissatisfaction with cooperation with the advertiser.

The affiliate can also submit new traffic

Email List

Channels that may have high potential, gain a hard-to-reach target group, and promote selected products. Advertisers leave the opportunity to consider new traffic channels. Launching new channels allows partners to increase commission and Bab Directory earn more. Which in affiliate marketing means redirecting more traffic to the advertiser’s. Website and increasing the amount of revenue. Step 3 – set the terms of cooperation The next important step is to determine the terms of cooperation. Below is a list of the elements necessary for affiliate marketing. Remuneration for the affiliate network and publishers.

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