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Meetings within one team have the right to take place if necessary. We also constantly monitor the epidemiological situation to be able to flexibly adapt the work model to it. And you, what do you think about hybrid work? In your opinion, is the 2+3 model effective in a rapidly growing digital agency? The pandemic has significantly influenced the creation of new online stores and the transfer of business from offline to online. ranging from fashion stores to stores offering groceries. In order for an online business to be profitable, it is worth considering several key elements on which a good SEM strategy is based.

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How to set micro and macro goals, how to analyze potential recipients, what tools to use for effective competition analysis, how to ensure proper data collection, how to take into account the entire purchase funnel, how to increase visibility through effective advertising messages. Basic information about the SEM strategy Before we start setting Sri Lanka Email List goals, verifying recipients, determining return on investment, planning SEO and PPC activities, it is worth starting with website analysis, product or service analysis and obtaining answers to several key questions, including: what is the main product/service, who is a good customer and who is a bad customer Is there seasonality in business, if so, what kind.

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What are the key USPs, whether seo activities and/or paid advertising were carried out before. The answers to the above questions will allow you to better plan your marketing activities and enter the process of creating an effective sem (search Bab Directory engine marketing) strategy. Setting the goals of SEO and PPC activities At the beginning, it is worth asking the question what is the purpose of marketing activities and what effects do we expect. The type/type of products sold, as well as brand awareness, are important.

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