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Distribution of ranked power (link-juice) Internal links help spread the ranking power (link-juice) of a website. If you just published a new blog article, you can include internal links to this page from other high-ranking posts on your site. . It can also be support for phrases close to TOP10 in search results. Cost-free operation – by internally linking from thematically related, well-ranking articles – you can get an internal link by transferring some of the ranking power. It reduces the bounce rate and increases the number of pages per session If your site has a bounce rate of 70%, that means 70 out of 100 visitors leave your site after visiting just one page. The indicated parameter is one of the factors that supports the positioning of your website in the search engine.

Google considers sites with lower bounce

Rates to be of higher quality. By internally linking within your site, you can encourage visitors to spend more time on your site and ultimately reduce your bounce rate. This will send positive signals to the search engine and may help you rank better for your keyword(s). Internal links should lower your bounce rate. Internal linking can also Azerbaijan Business Email List increase the number of pages per session. In other words, internal links allow visitors to navigate to other subcategories/articles on the blog, instead of just browsing one page and leaving the site. If visitors browse through your site’s posts and like what they read, they’ll likely want to see related blog articles or products. Internal links help them find them. This solution is beneficial for both the user and search engines.

Targeting the pages with the highest

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Conversion You can also use an internal link to direct site visitors to high-converting pages. First, you need to use Google Analytics to determine which pages on your site are getting the most visitors and which have the highest conversion rates. Then you can add a few links from your highest traffic pages to relevant high converting pages. The final Bab Directory effect should be an increase in the number of visitors to the pages with. The highest conversion and an increase in revenue on the page. Internal link research tools We can create a perfect website having and implementing all the knowledge transferred from scratch. Nevertheless, we regularly encounter websites whose structure is chaotic. In such cases, we need to audit internal links.

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