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It is necessary in order to catch the appropriate distribution of phrases on the page, the appropriate information architecture, verify the cannibalization of keywords or catch orphan pages to which no internal links direct, preventing their indexation. For this purpose, I will show you a few tools that we work with on a daily basis and point out their interesting applications. Broken internal linking – source ahrefs The Ahrefs tool shows us internal links leading to pages with a 404 status. 404 errors are not good both from the point of view of the user and google robots. They can also be verified using the Screaming frog tool. Internal links to redirected pages internal redirect links Internal links to redirected individual subpages – source ahrefs Using the Ahrefs tool, you can verify internal links that used to go to page “x” and are now redirected from page “x” to page “y.

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The most reasonable solution will be to replace the link address as well as the anchor. Such action should have a positive impact on the effects of your SEO. The depth of pages that convert well page depth – screen Page Depth – Ahrefs Ahrefs shows us the depth of subpages on the website. We can compare the above data with data showing Bahrain Business Email List well-converting subpages and decide whether it is not better to slightly modify the link structure by reducing the depth in the case of subpages with a high conversion rate. Occurrence of internal links in the form of orhpan pages orhpan pages – screamingfrog Orhpan pages – source Screamingfrogok Orphan pages are usually a page on a website that exists and is not referenced in any way within the website.

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The crawlers are able to find it. Orphan pages can occur for various reasons. Such as removing an internal link to an old page, or removing a product from. A category that is currently out of stock but will be back in stock in a few months. Orphan pages may still be indexed due to. The fact that they have been on the page for a long time. Have Bab Directory been present in the sitemap or have several external links to them. A small number of orphan pages are common and generally not a big deal. But on a large scale orphan pages can waste Crawl Budget-at. It is worth verifying the presence of “orphan” pages using the Screaming frog tool.

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