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The words to be added here should not be repeated with those used in the name of the application and its subtitle. . URL address – The Apple Store also provides us with the option of changing the address to a more memorable one and containing a keyword. developer’s name – in the app store, this information is visible only under the application description, which indicates that the words contained in this element have practically no effect on positioning. The developer’s positive history and the high quality of previous products can influence the ranking and contribute to the appearance in the distinguished categories.

Number of downloads – the algorithms

Take into account the number of installations. A large number of downloads affects the search and presence in the top lists and recommended categories. Although this is a factor beyond our control, it has a large impact on positioning. granted Ethiopia Email List ratings – applications can be rated using stars and adding comments. Even though Apple does not index this content. You should constantly monitor it as user reviews are not without significance for conversions. Summary Positioning of mobile applications in some time will become the same standard in Poland as SEO activities.

If you have created a mobile application

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Want to ensure its proper visibility, remember about the factors listed above. However, testing various solutions will not replace the experience of a specialist, and the application market is already very competitive. Each action taken as part of business development should bring measurable results. The implementation of which requires Bab Directory regularity, analysis. Drawing conclusions and implementing changes. Check what exemplary KPIs you can set depending on the chosen goal and with what tools you can verify them. In this article you will learn: – What are the most popular goals of content marketing activities, – What does the term KPI (Key Performance. Indicators) mean and. What does it mean for content.

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