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Browser cache Enabling the cache on our website allows users to download elements of our website for a certain period of time to the browser’s memory. Thanks to this, the next time you visit the page, the page load time decreases. Scripts and plugins Another aspect that is often the case with websites built on wordpress is the addition of many plugins. You should check whether all of them are necessary for the functioning of the website, and remove those that are disabled so that they do not take up unnecessary space in the website’s code. You should also pay attention to scripts that are loaded on our website by external tools.

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Google Analytics code – it is worth considering the option of implementing scripts by using Google Tag Manager. Minification of JavaScript files and CSS styles Minification consists in removing unnecessary elements from the codes of our website, such as empty spaces, enters or comments. file loading allows multiple resources to be downloaded at Marshall Islands Email List the same time, reducing page load times. Server side compression It is worth checking whether our server supports Gzip, Brotli or Deflate compression. Enabling compression allows you to reduce the size of our website files.

You can check if your site has compression

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Enabled at  PHP version If possible, use the latest versions of PHP on your server for better performance. Summary In the era of instant access to the Internet. You need to remember to take care of the speed of your website. Start by Bab Directory checking its current results and try to optimize it gradually. One of the most common elements that we can improve ourselves without the need to engage. A team of developers is to take care of the compression of. The graphics added to the page along with their appropriate size.

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