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Promo Traffic campaign for the Tous brand Today, Promo Traffic’s activities on the Czech and Slovak markets include both SEO and PPC services. They are based on advanced web analytics, the purpose of which is, among others: proper knowledge of consumers, optimization of advertising budgets and even better campaign relocation. To optimize the campaign, the agency uses a wide range of toolset, which includes tools such as Whoop! Apps, . They help in incorporating machine learning and automation of activities in many markets. The main objective of Promo Traffic and the Tous brand is the dynamic growth of revenues year on year.

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Introduce the company to new markets, starting with Slovakia, where it appeared in August this year. A modern technology-driven agency for e-Commerce Krystian Kucharski, Vice President and Performance Director of Promo Traffic, talks about the development of cooperation with Tous. By cooperating with Tous, we support the implementation of Italy Email List the PPC service with modern technology based on machine learning and AI. These advanced solutions give you the ability to scale your PPC campaign in an effective way. Connecting ad accounts with DoubleClick, Whoop! Apps, Optmyzr or ROIHunter will allow us to effectively develop business for the Tous brand.

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Innovative systems will help save time, simplify operations, make more accurate decisions and increase the return on investment (ROI) in online marketing on foreign markets. TOUS – a leader in the jewelry industry Tous is a brand originating from Bab Directory Spain. Known to every jewelry lover. Today, it boasts a hundred-year tradition and a wide range of products. Which includes not only chains, bracelets, earrings and rings, but also watches, handbags. perfumes and various types of accessories. Tous currently has over 600 stores on 5 continents. They teach and advise. They motivate and show the way.

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