Navigation in turn is a properly prepared main menu and footer

I wrote a lot about structure in one of the previous chapters. , and often also a side menu and other navigation elements (e. links to related categories on the category page). Here are the most important internal linking rules: make sure that all key pages on your portal are linked. The more important they are, the more links should lead to them. Key categories should be in the main menu of the website. Unlinked pages (so-called “orphan pages” or “orphan pages”) will not be found by Google and therefore will not appear in its search results. the more important the page, the fewer clicks should be needed to get to it . To prevent this, refrain from creating too deep a category structure.

In addition an extensive navigation menu

Should be used, which includes as many levels of categories as possible (without losing readability). Deeper level categories should be available e. in the side menu. internal links should be technically sound . This means, first of all, that they should point to valid, working urls. Also, they should point directly to the target page, not to the Canada Business Email List redirected page. Breadcrumbs navigation is a valuable source of support for internal linking it is worth linking related pages of categories, blog entries and products , e. through a panel with links to related category pages on the blog or a second panel with links to related entries. internal links should be in text form . The link text or part of it should be a keyword related to the linked subpage.

In the case of graphic links remember to complete

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Its alternative description. An important type of internal links are links in the main content of the page – that is, most often in the text. When creating a category description or blog entry, it is worth enriching it with internal links to related subpages. Read more: internal linking . Get links from external domains Internal links are just one side of the coin. The second are external links – i. placed on other websites and leading to your website. Link building Bab Directory is another very extensive topic, so here I will briefly describe its most important aspects. External links are somewhat considered a voice of support given to the portal by another site. Google takes into account the votes cast for portals when deciding what position in the ranking a website should take for a given keyword.

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