Cultivate internal links What do spiders walk on

Images should have the right format (preferably a new generation format such as WebP) and dimensions (who needs full HD graphics for an icon). images should be properly compressed (it is generally assumed that the compression level of 85 does not significantly deteriorate the quality of graphics). images should be responsive – i. images of different sizes should be served depending on the device. images should have names and urls created in accordance with the rules for creating friendly urls. each image relevant to the content should have a descriptive alt attribute (a description that appears instead of the image when it fails to load). Do not forget to add a valuable phrase in it.

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The title element (shows as a tooltip when hovering over a given image) and caption (caption under the image). Consider adding images to your sitemap or creating a separate imagemap for them. ? On the threads of the web. And what do Google robots (also known as spiders) move on? Links connect websites that make up the Internet. Links Australia B2B Leads that connect different websites are called external links. I write about them in the next chapter. There are also no less important internal links. These are links that connect pages on your website. Proper optimization of internal links is a key factor enabling Google robots to efficiently and easily reach key pages on your website.

The direct effect of this is that

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These pages may be indexed at all. This also has a positive effect on the positions occupied and the frequency of visits to these pages by Google (and thus the chance of discovering changes in content and how the site is rated). The second, almost equally crucial factor is also important – the improvement of navigation. It is thanks to links that you Bab Directory can direct your users to where you want them to go. In the case of e-commerce, however absolute it may sound, it is a basket. When working on proper internal linking, you need to take care of two elements: structure with navigation and links in the content.

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