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There are common features and similarities between them, but we must remember that ASO is a separate discipline that works on a different system and with different ranking factors. First of all, the goal of SEO is to improve the visibility of the website and gain organic traffic, while the intention of positioning mobile applications is to increase the number of downloads. Just like in SEO, ranking factors determine which position we will take in the application store’s search engine results. , which translate into changes in the visibility of the application for individual keywords. Mobile application market The two largest platforms with applications are Google Play and Apple App Store – they are leaders in terms of the number of available applications and installations.

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The Amazon App Store or Windows Store. Each market analyzes applications in a different way, which affects their visibility in a given search engine. It is worth taking care to take into account the differences between individual platforms in Cocos Islands Keeling Email List the strategy of actions. Where to start positioning mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play? Optimization of the mobile application must start with analyzing the keywords for which we will position it. The right selection of phrases is the basis for positioning. The application and it depends on it whether we will reach our target group.

Studies analyzing the behavior of users

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In Google Play or the App Store indicate that. They most often use the internal search engine to find applications in the store. In a word, the main path to reach our. Product are the words entered into the search engine and we should focus on them. Girl using mobile app Keyword analysis First of all. We need to choose phrases related to the Bab Directory subject of. The application and check how often they are searched by users. In the case of applications that have been available on the market for some time. It is worth paying attention to what keywords already have visibility. In turn, for debuting applications, at the beginning we should focus on positioning long tail phrases that are less competitive.

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