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Among the tools dedicated to App Store Optimization, it is worth paying attention to TheTool and Apptweak platforms , and, to some extent, free Mobile Action . Thanks to them, we will check the positions of both our mobile application and competitors. Apple also offers its tool for preparing a list of key phrases, which is called Apple Search Ads. Positioning of mobile applications in Google Play Before we publish the application on Google Play, we need to fill out a form in the store console. This is an important step, because the way we fill in the fields will determine our visibility in organic results, and thus – the number of installations and the conversion rate.

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It will not be a surprise that Google does not directly reveal to us the ranking factors that affect the visibility of the application. Based on experience and analysis, however, we can take into account several factors that are worth taking Congo Email List into account. The most important ranking factors for apps on Google Play: On-site factors We have direct influence on on-site factors and these are the elements on the application page from which it can be downloaded. These include: application name, url, developer name, short description, long description, icon, screenshots or videos.

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Your position in the results, so let’s explain them one by one. Application title – this is one of the first and most important elements. In this field we have 50 characters to use, and in the title we should include. The name of the brand and keywords explaining its use. Examples of title schemes are: brand name + keyword keyword. Brand name Bab Directory To know which title has. A better impact on the position of the application and the number of downloads. It is worth conducting A/B tests. You also need to remember to set alternative language versions of the title so that. Depending on the location, the title is displayed to the user in the appropriate language.

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