Well-known SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner

This will translate into both visibility in search results and the number of downloads. Short description – This element is visible only on mobile devices, but it has a direct impact on the positioning of mobile applications and conversion. Since the description is visible immediately after the user enters the application page, we must remember to reconcile its attractiveness for users and algorithms. The description can consist of a maximum of 80 characters and should contain keywords for which we want to be displayed in search results. We can repeat the phrases in the title to send an additional signal to Google’s algorithms.

The same time it should be interesting

Enough for users to consider downloading the application. Long description – this is another factor that determines the position of the application in the organic search results of the market. As in the case of category descriptions, this is an element Dominica Email List rarely read by users, so it should be taken care of mainly in terms of robots. The long description of the application can be up to 4,000 characters long, but at least it should be at least 3,000 characters. Long and have the appropriate saturation with keywords.

It is worth remembering about

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The correct structure (especially headings) and transparency of the text. And the use of variations in it, such as bold or underlined fonts, emoticons or letters. URL address – it is one of the unchangeable elements, so it is worth making a well-thought-out choice. A strategic solution will be to place the most difficult keyword to position there. Because Bab Directory in the future it may increase the chance of achieving a higher position. Mobile application icon – this is of course a graphic element that. Affects the reception of the application by users. But also indirectly affects the visibility in the Google Play store.

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