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The environment in which we work is changing very quickly and that is why it is important to keep up with these changes – read a lot, attend trainings, industry events. I’ve learned a lot at Promo Traffic and I hope this is just the beginning. What is your deepest desire? I will keep the most secret ones for myself, but I would love to see as much as possible – I mean other countries, cities, cultures. Of the less real ones, I hope that Google will inform you what exactly the last algorithm was about. What animal and why would you like to be? Hmm… at first I wanted to say Leo, because it’s my zodiac sign, but I remembered how funny pandas are? What is your favorite book or series and why? Lately I’ve been reading reportages and the one that made the biggest.

This is not an easy book but it allows

Problems that we consciously (or not) ignore on a daily basis. It’s nice that there is someone who is still interested in the truth and who wants to write about it. For stress relief, I recommend Netflix and my beloved “Friends”. Somewhere I even came Cuba Email List across an article saying that watching Friends is healthy, so when I hear “Joey doesn’t share food” for the hundredth time, I don’t feel guilty anymore! If I became the president of the world, in the first place… I would call my loved ones! In fact, I’d be wondering what to do with all this mess. Paulina Pytel – Social Media Specialist More and more customers entrust their Facebook profiles to Promo Traffic.

That’s why Paulina appeared in our Social Media section

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Without hesitation, she threw herself into her new duties – it is thanks to her that something is happening in PromoTraffic social media every day! Privately, Paulina is a fan of a healthy diet and the owner of a lovely labrador. What else? Why Bab Directory work in marketing? Because I like to create a new, sometimes alternative reality, and this job gives me such an opportunity. Besides, I like things to happen. What is your biggest dream? I would like time to be more flexible, e.g. one hour should be 120 minutes instead of 60, but it is actually the same as.

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