Compressed photos just need to be replaced on your website

How to measure page speed? If you want to check the page load time, start with the PageSpeed ​​Insights test. Thanks to this tool, we will find out where speed optimization should start. In addition to the previously mentioned LightHouse and CruUX elements, we will find information on, for example, scripts, styles or graphics that require compression in the mobile and desktop versions. to analyze the page loading speed is GTmetrix. Thanks to this tool, we have the ability to view more elements than it is contained in PSI. GTmetrix allows you to download an extensive PDF report containing information and links to elements that require optimization.

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It before starting work on optimization or before talking to developers. An interesting solution for analyzing page speed is also the Pingdom tool, from which we can find out what page elements take up the most space. Just enter the domain address and select the server from which you want to run the load time test. How to improve page Mali Email List load speed results? Below you will find a few elements, the implementation of which on your website can significantly reduce the page load time. Graphics optimization One of the most common problems affecting page speed is too large graphics.

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The wrong sizes, requiring you to scale their dimensions using CSS. In addition, it is worth introducing a new photo format, which is WebP – thanks to this, we can significantly reduce the size of graphics. More about WebP can be found on the Bab Directory Google website – . However, you can use tinypng to compress the size of the images . . Lazy loading Lazy loading works on the principle of loading graphics when, for example, scrolling the page. This allows you to skip without having to load all the photos at the same time.

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