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Issues that we should not forget, especially if we work with fashion brands, are primarily: adaptation of the website to mobile devices (in 2020, 69% of users made purchases using a smartphone, and if you look at the age of as many as 92% of young people, by the age of 24 they completed purchases via a mobile phone according to the Gemius 2020 Report) loading speed of individual pages on the site easy and clear order page (preferably all steps, such as selecting payment, entering the address, delivery options, etc., are on one page) a wide range of delivery options (currently, forms of non-contact deliveries and the possibility of using parcel lockers are of great importance to users) extensive product descriptions – online buyers need much more information to add a product to the basket.

Try to describe the item as accurately as possible

Use information that can help you make a purchasing decision: material composition, product dimensions, country of origin, additional properties, it is worth adding, in addition to photos, a video presenting the item or ratings and opinions of other users. The tips above are just a few options for optimizing your campaign and landing Christmas Island Business Email List page. At the very beginning, before running any ads, remember to set up tracking correctly: this means adding the Facebook pixel and Google Analytics code to your website. Nowadays, with minimal investment, we can launch an instant paid campaign. After all, the fashion industry has millions of users who are looking for new products every day.

In all this however we must remember

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The most important thing to achieve the best results is to prepare the right strategy, research the target group preferably using several tools (the Facebook manager and Google Analytics are recommended above all), testing novelties in Facebook ads campaigns, but above all authenticity, commitment and a true relationship with customers. of 2020 Bab Directory we started cooperation with Green Cell. For the client, we carry out activities in the field of SEO, Content Marketing and Google Ads campaigns on the Polish, German and UK markets. Who is our client? Green Cell is a technology company, mainly known for its accessories for mobile devices and electric vehicles.

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