We operate not only on the Polish market

Its offer includes, among others, batteries, adapters, charging stations, power supplies and chargers. It deals not only with the sale of this type of products, but also with their design. It is worth noting that all products are designed in the Krakow office. The company’s mission is deeply embedded in the revolution in the field of electromobility. The company, which is one of the industry leaders in Poland, is also dynamically expanding abroad: it already operates in over sixty markets. On the one hand, it pays a lot of attention to the continuous improvement of the technologies used, and on the other hand to the development of the world of sustainable energy.

The full range of products can be found

In the swiatbaterii store and on the greencell. global website. What is the scope of cooperation? Our e-commerce experts carry out comprehensive activities for Green Cell, including the preparation and implementation of content marketing strategies, SEO and Google Ads campaigns . , but also on the German and British markets. We support Poland Business Email List Green Cell in expanding brand awareness, gaining new customers, promoting a growing range of products, facilitating consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and strengthening the image of an expert. The most important result for us, however, is an increase in e-commerce revenues, improved profitability of advertising campaigns, a higher share of organic results and website engagement.

The challenge we faced was planning

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A strategy for several very different markets and coordinating extensive activities in several fields. Fortunately, as Promo Traffic, we have experience not only in all branches of internet marketing. But also in running campaigns on foreign markets. We are a small agency from Poland that qualified for the international project run by Google called Bab Directory International Growth. You can find a list of Google-recommended agencies here . Promo Traffic is a digital agency specializing in SEO/PPC for the e-commerce industry. Which helps to increase the revenues of online stores. The agency also supports marketing activities in the areas of social media, content marketing and marketing automation.

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