In a transparent way over a selected period of time

Source: Google Ads panel In addition, we use a dedicated Auction Insights script, which allows us to create analyzes of selected competitors on the basis of auction analysis data from the Google Ads account in the form of charts showing, for example, share in views, overlapping auctions or share in won auctions. , e. days or months, we can see the changing competition, intensification of activities and the appearance of new advertisers. Example below: Landing page analysis Regardless of whether we provide SEO and PPC services, whether we focus only on pay per click campaigns or only organic search results, the website is of key importance in the achieved effects of activities.

Users attach great importance

The appearance of the website, functionalities related to easy navigation around the store, category tree, filters, operation of the internal search engine, etc. For this purpose, the use of UX is becoming more and more popular. It is also worth verifying how quickly the website loads on desktop and mobile. This is important because we often encounter Sweden Email List the phenomenon of users switching between devices. Very often, potential customers start their shopping path on mobile and end up on desktop. In addition, the number of users using mobile is significantly increasing. Source: l All these elements have a significant impact on whether the customer, after entering the website, stays on it longer, browses the offer and, consequently, makes a purchase.

Therefore it is important for the effects

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Website positioning and search engine advertising. Correct data collection Regardless of the scale of our activities, the budget used for positioning and PPC campaigns, the adopted strategy of activities, widely understood analytics are important. A popular and free tool to measure the effectiveness of our activities is Google Analytics. The Bab Directory basic e-commerce code allows us to track transactions and metrics related to the number of orders, revenue, delivery costs, conversion rates, purchased products. The range of information received is therefore very limited. In this regard, we recommend using enhanced e-commerce tracking.

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