Competition analysis Competitor analysis is the basis of a good and effective

We will obtain data on demographics, location, devices used by potential customers and proposed targeting in GDN, Source: Google Ads panel 3) using Statistics of Audience Groups on Facebook (having access to the page’s profile) we will learn, among others, age, gender, locations based on Facebook likes. Source: Facebook Statistics Thanks to the verification of the potential target group, our marketing activities will save time, budget and achieve goals as quickly as possible. marketing strategy. It often happens that we compare ourselves with completely different brands, and our competition turns out to be completely different brands. Competition analysis allows you to identify the main competitors, learn about their business and market advantages.

There are many competitive analysis tools

It is worth noting e. on: SimilarWeb – in a limited version, the tool is free. It allows you to get to know general website traffic, user behavior, locations and sources of visits, SEMrush – allows you to check the effectiveness of SEM campaigns. Allows you to know organic keywords, paid keywords, inbound links, Semstorm – allows you to get to know our Suriname Email List competition in the search results and check what keywords the competition is visible for, what the ads look like in the search engine, Senuto – an important tool for SEO (search engine optimization) in terms of verifying common keywords with competitors, phrases for which competition is visible but our website is not, or words for which our website is visible, but competition domains are not.

There are many competitive analysis

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Tools available. They allow you to create effective search engine marketing. One more element is worth noting. If we have already run Google Ads campaigns before and the account has the appropriate history. We can learn about the competition based on reports in Google Ads. The Google Ads panel allows us to analyze the competition in two ways. Auction analysis performed at the ad group or keyword level – thanks to such analysis. We Bab Directory learn about our share in views compared to other advertisers and other metrics. Overlapping auctions, share of won auctions, etc. Source: Google Ads panel 2) auction analysis based on ready reports – thanks to such analysis. We have ready reports created on the basis of accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords. Which can be modified by adding appropriate metrics.

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