In stores with a fashion offer this format will work

A noteworthy creation, which works quite well in the fashion industry, is the . A perfect solution for people who browse websites on mobile, because ads in this form load in full-screen mode when clicked. Each collection ad can have a basic video or image and below that creatives that are based on the product catalog. well in remarketing (lower costs, closing sales) and it is worth testing it in campaigns aimed at new users to build brand awareness and encourage them to visit the website with products. Facebook Ads photos source: :facebook/business/ads-guide/collection/facebook-feed Carousel advertising is also one of the most common formats in the fashion industry.

The carousel gives you the ability

Display multiple products at different URLs and increases the effectiveness of your ad by: adding a custom photo overlay – without interfering with the product file, adding overlays containing information from the catalog, such as: discounted price, discount percentage, free shipping, adding many different headlines, descriptions Venezuela Business Email List and CTA buttons. In a carousel ad, you can use a set of products from the catalog or upload your own creations (it is recommended to use photos in a square format). Renee ad Why is it better not to use the “promote post” option? Most novice advertisers who run paid sales activities themselves may have encountered the “promote post” option, where you can “quickly and easily” link a post to promotion.

Unfortunately it has more disadvantages

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The main ones are: inability to select all available advertising targets no choice of placements (only visible platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) no possibility to exclude fans of the fanpage, which the post could have already reached organically, no possibility to set a daily budget (only total) it is not possible to set the method of ad Bab Directory optimization. Therefore, to achieve maximum advertising opportunities, you should move to promoting posts through the ads manager. Prepare your site at the highest level Also, the website itself plays a huge role in ensuring good sales results. Facebook Ads can bring you good traffic, but your website does all the rest.

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