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They should be categorized accordingly, into: Image goals – to what extent the brand will be associated, recognizable, to what extent visibility for key phrases will improve. , because it is done by the distribution network. Sales goals – KPIs related to sales growth Striving for a specific market position (market share) – bridging the distance to the competition. Precisely defining the goals of the campaign will be the starting point for estimating budgets and creating a media plan. The need to study the profitability. Of all e-marketing channels.

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Understanding of the fact that they interact and perform different functions at different stages of the conversion funnel. Therefore, it is not enough to measure revenue from a given channel, but to look at the business holistically, working on the target ROI and COS. And then it turns out that there was a loss in the conversion path. The consequence Honduras Business Email List is a reduction in the scale of sales in other channels. It is also necessary to observe the market on a macro scale. What will be the consequences of accelerated digitization? Will the share of mobile in media consumption and advertising broadcasting continue to increase? How to deal with increasing CPM and CPC rates in the face of a pandemic and government decisions.

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Knowledge of the relationships between sales channels, the ability to interpret data from marketing tools, and navigate through Google Analytics. The work of an e-commerce manager requires systematic analysis of profitability tables and. The ability to dynamically allocate the budget in appropriate channels, often at hock. Indicating long-term Bab Directory development directions. An e-commerce manager is able to interpret data sufficiently to observe trends in the store seasonality and. Based on this anticipate the next steps in marketing activities. How profitable is it to invest in your own media? Follows the changing online shopping market: an e-commerce manager.

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