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If I were president of the world, in the first place… I would abolish such a senseless office. Szymon Parzych – SEO Specialist Szymon’s adventure in a world dominated by Pandas and Penguins began at the end of 2016. Now this young, talented SEO specialist has found his place in PromoTraffic. At work, organization and order are the most important for him. Although he focuses heavily on development, he also sometimes rests. Most often he devotes himself to a good book, movies or game, or wanders somewhere in the Polish mountains. Szymon’s character is best reflected by what he says about himself: Why work in marketing? Marketing subjects were the most interesting in my field of study.

In addition I always liked to write copy and

In computer science (which translated into, among others, HTML, CSS, SQL and a bit of PHP). The result of this mix is ​​SEO. What do you like most about your job? Experimenting, growing, exploring new industries, watching the charts grow (but not the Czech Republic Email List bounce rate chart). What is your deepest desire? If I betray it, it will no longer be the most secret. In other words, I am unable to provide an answer to this question. And the less secret is to visit every country in the world, taste local dishes, learn about history, culture and people.

Immerse yourself in every ocean

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Delve into tropical forests and deserted tundra forests. See all the wonders of the world, climb the highest mountains and die on Mars eating Mars. What animal and why would you like to be? none. What is your favorite book or game Bab Directory and why? Book: Lord of the Rings series. It allows you to immerse yourself in a rich story taking place in a universe invented with such detail that it almost resembles reality. Game: The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind – Same as above, just a step up (yes, exactly.

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