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Ask for portfolios and case studies. If the social media agency really has the experience that they boast about, they will be able to confirm it. Ask for a portfolio or case studies that confirm the effectiveness of her actions. confirmation that words are followed by actions. Keep in mind that the company may not always boast of specific results – it may be bound by a confidentiality agreement with a specific brand. However, he can certainly provide references or a report on activities without specifying which company it concerns. 8. Find out how many social media accounts are managed by agency employees.

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How many customer accounts does one social media employee run? The reality is brutal: some agencies treat their people as if they were working on an assembly line. “Overworked” specialists, even the best, will not give as much as they could. And that, in turn, can hurt your company’s bottom line. How much is “too much”? If one employee serves Uzbekistan Business Email List about 20 customers at the same time, there is no chance that he will do it well. Running 4-6 Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads campaigns at the same time is a level that guarantees that the employee has a chance to focus on generating results for the client.

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Preparing a communication strategy in social media, conducting ongoing communication, graphic creations and animations for posts, dedicated photo sessions, support for livs and events …. this is not a job for one specialist. 9. Make sure how social media the agency runs advertising campaigns. The simplest method is a prepared analysis Bab Directory of the campaign and, on its basis. Guidelines for key social ads strategies . Unfortunately, this is related to sharing an advertising account with a social agency at the stage of early talks. If you do not want or cannot share your account with a social media agency. The best way to quickly verify it is to develop. A campaign plan according to scheme: goal > method of implementation > effect.

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