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How will the agency adapt the strategy to your brand and the challenges of the industry in which you operate? There are no universal solutions in the implementation of SEO and PPC campaigns, and your partner should have some ideas on how to adjust the strategy to your goals. Your store needs a unique approach that fits your industry, budget, business model and competitor activities. Acquiring conferencing traffic for an online bookstore will be implemented completely differently than attracting customers in an exclusive furniture store. The agency’s experience in your industry is a plus, but should not necessarily be a requirement.

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Express how they will tailor their approach to your category. Make sure that the company can indicate specific places where the strategy will differ and will be adapted to the specifics of your e-commerce. Make sure the agency’s success metrics San Marino Email List align with yours. Quite perverse, but very important aspect. I am convinced that the majority of SEO/PPC companies will come to the offer meeting not only with the assumed goals, but also with estimations of the effects of the campaign. The key is that the agency’s success rates are directly related to what success means to you.

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On the first page of Google or infinitely low profitability of PPC campaigns. Importantly, your goal will be to develop sales in your own store, while the agency’s goal will probably be to develop cooperation with you. As you can easily guess, the agency’s goal will be achieved only as a result of the development of sales in your store. Of course, only if Bab Directory certain conditions of project profitability are maintained. So the key question you should know the answer to is: How long will it take for the results? Successful SEO and Google Ads campaigns take time. But that shouldn’t prevent an experienced agency from setting a timeframe for results.

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