The possibilities of increasing system conversion

In general, you should expect first results from properly implemented SEO techniques within six months of starting the partnership. In the context of PPC campaigns, a significant difference resulting from the style and methodology of running Google Ads campaigns should be felt for you after 2-3 months. The ability to see results quickly depends on the health of your store, the season, or the current level of your Google Ads campaign. For example, correcting technical errors and oversights can yield legitimate SEO benefits in the short term. However, if your site is already well-structured and technically free, you’ll have to wait longer for the change. If your SEO/PPC agency promises quick results, ask why.

If they indicate technical factors

Require modification, and the initial analysis of Google Ads campaigns showed a lack of basic and most effective Adwords techniques, then good. However, if the promises of quick results are not reflected in the analysis, be careful. Are you convinced Saudi Arabia Email List by the idea of ​​how the implementation of SEO and PPC services will be combined with the overall marketing strategy of the entire e-commerce. The most successful SEO and PPC projects are only part of the overall marketing plan.

Avoid agencies that expect you

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Their job in isolation. SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing, PPC campaigns cooperate with SEO, and each of the channels directly or indirectly touches social media. Therefore, a new SEO/PPC agency should be open to cooperation with Bab Directory your marketing team. As well as other teams, even an agency you cooperate with in a different area. However, willingness and the promise of cooperation alone are not enough to achieve success. Make sure the agency has a proven plan to integrate each other’s efforts. With existing marketing initiatives. Get to know the agency specialists with whom you will work after signing the contract.

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