In my opinion it doesn’t make economic sense to prepare

In fact, only the passage of time and the solutions adopted by the government will allow us to objectively assess the effects of Brexit on e-commerce. for any scenarios, because at the moment we have too many unknowns. Partner, legal counsel at GP Law Firm . Brexit is quite a challenge for all e-commerce companies that trade with the UK. The biggest problem is the ongoing and unfinished process of Britain leaving the European Union. There are still signals that point to the possibility of Brexit being put on hold. Other scenarios include the so-called “No-deal” Brexit or other as yet unspecified variants.

Such a state causes an increase in uncertainty

Which is not desirable in business, and a significant increase in the involvement of companies in creating several alternative Brexit variants. Now everyone needs to change something in their logistics processes, but exactly what is not yet known. And the changes can be significant both for the seller, the buyer, as well as for logistics and postal Estonia Email List operators. Many significant logistics companies were established during the period of validity of the current regulations governing cross-border trade and transport in the European Union. Many of them have never applied any customs procedures in their business, in particular to customers from the UK.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit

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It will be necessary to apply customs procedures that some EU entrepreneurs have never heard of before. This will result in restrictions on trade with Great Britain. Sellers will also be forced to apply appropriate customs procedures, as they will also act as exporters in the logistics chain. In the light of the above information. Sellers should start Bab Directory considering diversification of their activities by gaining other outlets in the EU area. Andrzej Wichrowski Business Development Director at Świat Parcels 5. Summary Brexit is undoubtedly a process that will strongly affect the e-commerce industry in Europe. At this stage, we can presume its effects. Because there are many variables that affect the development of the whole situation.

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