In such a situation it is necessary to take care of online marketing

It is worth going beyond product descriptions on the website by running social media and a company blog. In addition to attracting users to the website, valuable texts allow you to build brand credibility and create the image of an expert. . Engaging and educational content must convey the values ​​with which the company would like to be associated. Extensive content perfectly complements other marketing activities, allowing you to reach a wider audience. 5. Not caring about positive opinion on the web According to the latest Gemius research, opinions are one of the most important factors affecting the credibility of a given store.

Source: E-commerce in Poland 2019

Gemius for e-Comerce Polska Before buying, users very often check opinions about stores in the Google search engine, on internet forums, in comparison engines and in social media. It is worth following the opinions appearing on the Internet on an Haiti Email List ongoing basis, e.g. using Internet traffic monitoring systems for this purpose. Don’t forget to interact with your audience by replying to their comments, asking questions, and encouraging positive feedback. Above all, however, you should remember to react quickly to negative comments, which left unanswered can cause a lot of damage.

No marketing activities Marketing activities

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Necessary at every stage of running a business. The newly created online store is invisible to network users. , which will allow users to reach your store’s website. Activities that will help you with this are: GAds campaigns – in the Google search Bab Directory engine and advertising network, SEO activities – website optimization and positioning, content marketing (including company blog), advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, brand promotion in social media, campaigns with influencers, email marketing.

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