Another way to obtain external links is the publication

Focus not only on generic phrases (one-word and two-word phrases), but also take into account the so-called keywords. “long tail” (several words “long tail keywords”). SEO for e-commerce The correct selection of keywords, supported by the analysis of the initial situation and competition is the initial stage, and at the same time the pillar of creating an SEO strategy. By getting to know the keywords and their potential or competition, you can decide which ones will be a priority for you. The process of searching for phrases is worth repeating from time to time and adapting it to the current market, competitive and internal situation. 2. Create a link development scheme Work related to the development of linking involves both on-site and off-site activities.

It can be divided into two stages

Extension of internal linking Each website should publish content that is mutually correlated. Therefore, in your SEO strategy, make sure that your website includes articles on similar topics with links between them. A good way to improve Togo Business Email List internal linking is to introduce a “featured articles” or “related articles” section, which is placed on subpages with similar articles, and in the case of e-commerce – subpages with products. b) Extension of links from external websites You can get links from external services and websites in several different ways. First of all, publish high-quality content, participate in discussions about your industry and provide users with. Valuable knowledge in various forms – infographics, reports, interviews.

Thanks to this there is a chance that

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External website will be happy to publish your content because it will be valuable to them. Of sponsored articles, guest posts, as well as SEO PR. Establishing long-term relationships with journalists and providing them with valuable content. In exchange for publication with a dofollow link. 3. Take care of technical SEO The issue of technical. SEO Bab Directory of the website should be included in the audit of SEO activities. Which should be prepared before starting work on the strategy. However, an audit with a list of recommendations to be implemented is also used when creating a strategic document. When it is checked to what extent. The recommendations from the audit have been implemented.

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