It is also worth mentioning here the use of CTA

Internal linking (and CTA) In addition to navigation, which is undoubtedly a priority in transparent communication of website resources, comfortable navigation around the site is also guaranteed by the use of internal linking. An example of expanding the page with CTA (here in the form of photos) for the salonklockow website: Another example are internal links – as in the case of cooperation with a chain of DIY stores – for example, summarizing the text: This type of linking allows the user to suggest places within the domain that he should visit next. An example of such solutions can be creating a section with recommended articles and displaying it as an extension to blog entries, as it was implemented on the website of one of our clients – the Puccini brand: :puccini/blog/aplikacje-przydatne-w-podrozy-przygotuj-swoj-smartfon-na-wyprawe The user will easily be able to find content on similar topics – plus for UX.

In addition an interested

Internet user who wants to read more articles spends a longer time on the website, which will extend the duration of the session, thus positively influencing the positioning process – a plus for SEO. (call to action), i. the introduction of expressions Philippines Business Email List encouraging to take further actions – e.g. “Call now”, “Test for free”, for e-commerce: “Check our products”. Properly implemented CTA transferring to subsequent subpages on the website will improve the aspect of internal. Linking and increase the user’s convenience. Ultimately. The positive effect will also be the impact on the conversion rate.

Hopping path and basket

Email List

Analysis E-commerce offering even the widest assortment at. The most competitive prices on the market will not enjoy high revenues if it does not take care of. The correct construction of the basket and its accessibility and intuitiveness for users. The analysis of the purchase path comes with help , which is an extremely. Important part Bab Directory of the UX audit, because it allows you to determine. Whether people interested in purchasing can easily complete the transaction. This element is also of great importance in the process of positioning and optimizing the website.

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