Charging time Nothing discourages users from visiting a website

It is also worth mentioning the priority of indexing the mobile version (mobile first index) over the desktop one, which – announced by Google since 2017 – is fast approaching and is in the testing phase, but it is said to be implemented by the end of the first quarter of 2021. To test the website’s responsiveness, we recommend the tool :amiesponsivedesig/, which automatically analyzes accessibility on different types of devices, and the Google test – 2. like a long wait for it to load. Regardless of the device used by the Internet user, a website that takes a long time to load (as evidenced by the results collected in Google Analytics) almost always leads to its rejection without the desire to return.

It happens that slow-down scripts

Responsible for problems with long loading times. In the case of online stores with a huge database of products, too large photo sizes often turn out to be a burden. The UX audit verifies this issue in detail. It is worth remembering about the announced next update of the algorithm – this time focusing heavily on page speed and including this aspect when Palestine Business Email List determining the ranking. Implementation is scheduled for May 2021. A report on the current page loading time can be generated using a tool from Google, available at: We also mention the potential of this and other tools for SEO in one of the blog entries: SEO tools, or what do specialists use? 3. Site navigation Properly constructed navigation is a thoroughly verified aspect when conducting a UX audit.

The accessible and convenient

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Menu is primarily to ensure the convenience of navigating. The website for the user, but also to enable Google robots to understand its structure and. As a result, to speed up the indexing of subpages. When implementing an SEO strategy. The aspect of page development and hierarchy (division: categories. Subcategories) is equally important due Bab Directory to both user convenience and. Which is of great importance for positioning – Google robots. Factors related to constructing the menu in accordance with the principles of User Experience were. Presented in one of the previous articles: SEO vs. UX: How to correctly construct website navigation.

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