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Heuristic analysis – expert usability analysis based on knowledge and good practices, based, for example, on referring to the list of the 10 most important practices defined by Neilsen (so-called Neilsen heuristics). cognitive wandering – during the UX audit, playing the role of the recipient of the website and mapping the most popular behaviors in order to examine all possible scenarios of behavior within the website. Each of the above methods has unique features that make the selection of an auditing technique dependent on the structure and features of the analyzed website. Regardless of the research method chosen for the UX audit , all methods are aimed at improving usability and encouraging the user to stay on the website as long as possible.

How UX can help SEO

It is widely believed that the recommendations from the usability audit are in opposition to the techniques used in optimizing the website for positioning. Fortunately, using expert knowledge from both areas, you can work on both UX and SEO development without loss for either. Below, we will take a closer look at 4 aspects that not only Pakistan Business Email List improve the usability and convenience of using the website, but are also crucial for SEO optimization. It is worth verifying them in your online store: 1. Adaptation to various types of devices (desktop, mobile) The basic factor checked during the. UX analysis is adaptation to RWD (Responsive web design), i. the construction of a website that allows. It to be easily and conveniently read on all possible types of devices.

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On the examples of clients’ websites that among the majority of industries. The audience is dominated by people visiting websites from mobile devices. Reaches 70-80% of the total and it can be predicted that this trend will only increase. That is Bab Directory why it is. So important to ensure that the page is displayed to the screen resolution and. Give visitors the opportunity to fully explore. This aspect is important for SEO, because a properly. Adapted and user-friendly website reduces the number of rejections. Which has a direct impact on the result on the search list .

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