Continuous analysis of both the website and users

Summary To sum up, in order not to complain about the lack of orders or website traffic, it is worth taking care of proper diagnosis of the target group, valuable content and adapting the store to the needs of users. Pay attention to the adaptation of the website to mobile devices and the course of the ordering and delivery process. It is necessary to ensure that navigation on the website is improved, as well as clear descriptions and clear graphics. It is also advisable to manage opinions about the store and conduct marketing activities tailored to the profile of your business.

The reasons listed in the article

Certainly key, but certainly not the only ones. Therefore, so that you never have to wonder again why customers do not buy in your online store, you should remember about continuous optimization of the store and adapting the website to the Honduras Email List dynamically changing market situation. and advertising activities should be a priority. Keep in mind that keeping new customers is just as important as gaining new customers. It is worth making sure that the first transaction made by the user on the website is not the last one. This will be helped by actions aimed at ensuring positive user experience along the entire shopping path and their loyalty.

It happened oh it happened! Last month

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Promo Traffic was not only intensive work and participation in numerous industry events. These are also unforgettable events that we organized outside office hours. There was time for sports and for the console, but above all – for integration. See Bab Directory how we spend our time when we close our work laptops ? PromoRockets and PromoFun at the 5th PKO Charity Run What a Saturday it was!  We managed to appoint 2 teams to participate in the relay: PromoRockets composed of: Weronika Bazarnik, Marcin Piątek, Bartosz Błęka and Krystian Kucharski.

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