It was then that the video application Vine premiered

The question arises: why is your brand not there yet? Want to know more? Sign up for our TikTok webinar on March 24 at 1:00 p What is TikTok? To answer that question, we have to go back to 2013 for a moment. . It can be said that she was the precursor of the format in which TikTok now reigns. Short, 15-second materials of a humorous nature – this was the content that reigned there. Whoever had the opportunity to associate with Vine will probably admit that TikTok borrowed a lot from it. However, it added improvements and tools that were missing in the first application. These are, for example, technical ones, such as introducing AR overlays and branded effects, or those concerning the application user himsel.

The hashtag challenge, which are added

Its moderators. It is nothing more than a proposal of topics to which users respond with their recordings. For example, this year the following challenges were very popular: – Halloween2020 , under which users showed how they will spend this year’s masquerade and what disguises they would choose, – jakrobiezphotos , where users recorded funny videos – backstage from their photo sessions, – 3DekadyMody , a kind of fashion show Somalia Business Email List performed by application users who presented styles from different eras. At the moment, TikTok is a very extensive community that has been using the application for over a year (82.3% of all users), the largest percentage of which are people who spend over 60 minutes a day in it (40.2%). The application itself generates a lot of positive emotions – also those related to advertising. 50.4% of people declare that they really like TikTok and the content published there.

This fact is largely used

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Brands from the FMCG sector: Tymbark, Hortex, Chupa-Chups and Coca-Cola, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The second largest group that buys advertising on TikTok are e-commerce companies. Thanks to the transparent structure and dynamic nature of the application and the content posted there, you can promote products from Bab Directory your assortment in an attractive way. This, in turn, creates a great marketing potential that is worth using for our promotion. Creativity is the key! Advertising here looks like nowhere else! While on Facebook or Instagram we can find, for the most part, photos of the product in the hands of a well-known Influencer or a packshot of this product against an interesting background, dynamic editing and short format reign here.

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