It also shows up first when we enter the app

This applies to both strictly product materials – short animations and videos, as well as those created in cooperation with Influencers. The viral potential of the application means that even your first video or advertisement can reach a wide audience. The better and more creative it is, the better chance it has. That is why so many brands have already decided to advertise in this medium. However, this is not the only factor that guarantees our success. Another is to choose the right ad format for the type of action you are conducting. Choose wisely Currently, we can buy 7 different types of ads on TikTok Ads.

These types can be grouped into

Categories based on the advertising goal we want to achieve in the campaign for our brand: Range : – Top View – Brand Takeover – One Day Max Involvement : – Brand Premium Conversions : – In Feed Ads – In Feed Native Content Activity : – In Feed Ads – Account Each of the advertisements is characterized by a different look and activates Senegal Business Email List the recipient in a different way: Top View : this is a 5 to 60 second video ad that we see first when we open the app. Top View takes up 100% of your phone screen and plays automatically. channels such as Facebook or YouTube. This format can be purchased for one day, and the guaranteed reach is 1,800,000 recipients within 24 hours.

Brand Takeover  It differs from

Email List

Top View mainly in form. Here we have two possibilities of creation: either as a g image or as a video with a length of 3 to 5 seconds. This format is ideal for communicating a specific product or service. . Clicking on an ad redirects us to an external website. The guaranteed reach by TikTok is 2,100,000 recipients within 24 hours. One Day Max : This Bab Directory format differs from the previous two mainly in terms of placement. The material that we will create as part of this type of advertisement will not be displayed first after entering the application. We will find them in “For You”, i. in the main TikTok tab. This ad also has a button that will redirect the recipient to a website or other Social Media.

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