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The company deeply understands the needs of its audience and creates data-driven content to meet them. Airbnb also focuses on building relationships, humanizing the brand at a time when many feel isolated. Tiktok 15 Proctor and Gamble: DistanceDance When: 2020 Event Outline: Proctor and Gamble has launched a campaign on TikTok to encourage social distancing, created during the pandemic (see a trend?) on TikTok Under the label DistanceDance, the company is partnering with social media and former competitive dancer Charli D’Amelio to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. For the first 3 million videos posted on Tiktok, Procter & Gamble donated funds to Feeding America and Matthew 25 Ministries. The numbers: To date, the hashtag has generated over 18 billion views.

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Why does it work? Recognizing that to reach a younger audience, they need to reach them on the platform of their choice, P&G went all-in on this TikTok campaign. the company reach otherwise hard-to-reach audiences. Donated ingredients also Finland Mobile Number List create a good cause to participate in the labeling challenge. 16 UN Australia: EmpowerMoves When: 2021 Outline of the event: UN Australia has realized the full potential of this short video site, creating a basic self-defense ‘dance’ for women. EmpowerMoves consists of four essential self-defense movements designed to give women and girls the confidence and support to protect themselves and shape a strong and equal future. The event comes on the heels of another UN Women Australia campaign.

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Accelerate progress towards gender equality. The numbers: The hashtag has been viewed nearly 1.4 billion times on TikTok. Why does it work? Since its inception, TikTok has been home to popular dance videos. The United Nations Office in Australia capitalized on this, working with choreographers and celebrities to create moves that not only matched the music but also kept women safe. It also serves as a rallying point for women who will no longer Bab Directory submit to men or accept being victimized. LinkedIn 17 Harvard Business Review: Special Report. Coronavirus When: 2020 Event Outline: Since is widely used as a professional networking site. It’s easy to forget that is a social media platform like or . Harvard Business Review recognizes that it can play. An invaluable role at the height of the pandemic by providing resources about the coronavirus.

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